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Why write a book?

With my new book coming out this week, a few people have asked me what motivated me to write a book.

Aside from the obvious reason to write a book – that is to share your knowledge – there are several reasons why I believe that most business owners would benefit from writing a book.

#1 Delivering value

Whether you choose to give your book away as a free gift, or to sell it online, a book adds real value to what you do. In all honesty, it’s not about making a margin on sales of the book, although that is possible. It’s more about increasing the value of your brand.

When someone reads your book, they get to know you a little better, and to understand more about how you help your clients. This helps to build a stronger relationship with each reader, potentially leading to you working with that person in the future.

#2 Boost your credibility

When you can present clients with a professionally written, attractive book, it shows that you are serious about what you do and a true expert in your field.

Adding ‘author’ to your bio gives you authority and credibility and can lead to other opportunities such as speaking engagements, interviews with journalists and guest articles. All of this will help to build your brand through word of mouth and help get your name mentioned in the right circles.

Directly or indirectly, a book is highly likely to lead to more work for you and your business.

#3 Gain clarity and improve your processes

The simple but not always easy act of writing and planning a book will force you to evaluate your methods and best practices. At the very least you’ll have a written record of your systems and processes, but you’ll also assess and improve some of your methods.

By writing out your processes, you’re more likely to spot any holes or flaws, enabling you to perfect the way you work.


So why don’t more small business owners write a book?

Many small business owners are incredibly time poor. When you’re busy with the everyday running of your business, writing a book can seem like an impossible dream.

I can’t deny that writing a book is tough. It takes a lot of time and effort to plan, write and edit a book. But once you have the book in your hands, the sacrifice is more than worth it.

My book, which talks about the seven most important elements of running any project using the London 2012 Olympic Stadium as an example, makes it clear that planning is vital. So if you do want to raise your profile by writing a book, it’s imperative to make a plan so that you can find the time for writing. Break the big task of writing the book down into smaller elements by planning and writing the individual chapters. Otherwise it just won’t happen.

If you’d like to read my book, “Will it Stand Up?” you can order a copy here.

And if you are looking for an award-winning structural engineer for your next project, please do get in touch!

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