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What specific targets have you set for your business in 2019?

One of the Key Performance Indicators or KPIs this year for Super Structures Associates is to get one new Google Review each month.

It doesn’t sound like much, but it’s a realistic figure and it has had a positive impact on the business surprisingly rapidly.

You probably already know that when someone searches for your business on Google, a panel comes up on the right with some pictures, a link to your website, your address and telephone number, and some other details. There is also a row of stars, and a link for people to see your reviews.

If you don’t have many reviews, or perhaps don’t have any, then it’s likely that you’ll attract fewer enquiries via this panel.

Our goal of getting one new review each month might not sound very ambitious, but the fact that it feels achievable means it’s more likely that myself and my team will take action towards hitting the target. It feels doable, on top of all the other things I am doing in my business.

At the start of the year, we had seven reviews. And now, five months in, we are ahead of our target and we have ten more reviews. So that is 17 in total.

Now, when people get in touch with us, one of the reasons they give for contacting us is that we have the most and the best reviews on Google for engineers in our area. And we’re only five months into the year. By the end of 2019, we’re aiming to have at least 24 reviews.

It does take a little effort to get people to leave reviews – they don’t always do it the first time you ask – but the time invested in this is more than worth it.

When someone tells the story of how you’ve helped them it does a lot more for your profile than anything you could say about yourself.

A review like this, especially when it is alongside other reviews about different projects, gives people a good feel for the kind of work you do.

Plus the advantage of a Google review is that people trust it. If the client leaving the review has uploaded a profile photo to their Google account, then that shows next to what they’ve written. People can tell it’s a real person.

A review on Google or Facebook counts for more than a testimonial you’ve added to your own website. It appears more reliable, because it’s been provided via an impartial platform outside of your business.

So if you haven’t made collecting reviews or testimonials part of the process you follow with every client, I highly recommend doing so. If you start now, you could have at least 7 reviews by the end of the year.

I hope this is a useful insight for you. There are always lots of different things you can be doing to promote your business, but I believe this one is key. And it can have an impact on the number of enquiries you’re getting quite quickly.

If you need any guidance on how to put this into practice in your business, please do drop me a line. I would be happy to help.

And if you need assistance with the structural elements of an upcoming project, then do please get in touch with me or with one of the team.

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