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What difference would an award make to your business?

Winning an award can give your business a boost. And this is a good time of year to start thinking about applying for awards, and doing a little research.

If you don’t know where to look, there are two categories of award to start with:

  • Local or regional business awards
  • Relevant industry awards

You can get ideas by looking at the awards other people in your industry have, and then finding out when the deadlines are for those awards. Put the dates in your diary and make sure you give yourself plenty of time to pull together an application.

Applying for awards can take a substantial amount of time. You’ll need to think carefully about your answers, and you may also need to look up or double check information from the projects you’ve worked on.

You can outsource your award applications, but I find it’s a valuable exercise to work on it yourself. It gives you a chance to reflect on what you’ve achieved in your business.

There are multiple benefits to winning an award. As well as being able to display the award logo on your website, email signature and other marketing materials, you can also add the judges comments to your marketing and to any proposals you send out.

An award will also get you more exposure on social media. When I shared details of my most recent award on Facebook last month, the post got more than 1000 views in the first few days alone. We shared the details on LinkedIn too.

As a business we’ve won industry awards as well as five business awards in the last six years, and this most recent award is one we’ve won on two previous occasions.

We won the Highly Commended Award in the Best Professional Practice category at the Richmond Business Awards 2018. The judges said:

“Super Structures Associates has serviced the south west of London for the last seven years and has a very good reputation for the quality of service it provides. The testimonials give further credence to the company’s standing in the local area, sector and quality of service and advice it provides. Its Forensic Engineering offering which also helps fellow structural engineering firms is a stand out offering.”

Applying for awards is something that takes practice. The first time we entered an award we didn’t win anything. But if you keep trying and improving, and listen to the judges feedback and use that in your next application, you will gradually get better at the entire process.

Earlier this year I gave a talk on how to win awards, and two of the attendees have since gone on to win their own awards, so I’m happy to offer advice if you need it.

And, as always, if you need assistance with the structural elements of an upcoming project, please get in touch.

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