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Build the WOW Vision – economically, practically

How can you maximise space to its full potential without compromising the structure?

Super Structures Associates (SSA) consulting engineers work with niche architects to develop structurally sound and commercially viable, WOW building designs.

How we help you to achieve the BIG vision

No matter how ambitious your plans, the most cost effective way to build a project is to get it right first time. We look at your plans and intentions to determine:

  • Cost effectiveness of the design and build
  • Technically viability
  • The design responds to the context of why it is being built
  • Planning permission can be achieved

Collaboration with your building team will help to accurately access what needs to be done – the problems that could occur and how you can best achieve the desired end result.

LESS concrete & columns – Inspiring design at a practical cost

Architects rarely like columns. Most structural engineers rarely like to move them! It is our technical prowess for modern design – creating maximum space with clean lines – and exploring how to minimize the use of concrete that results with a creative and financially viable solution.

We assess the critical areas that could pose a problem to the design. Innovative techniques are then explored along with technical analysis to design the support mechanisms that will seamlessly fit the structure.

“Derek from SSA differs from other structural engineers with his ability to minimize the use of concrete – not many structural engineers look at it his way” Nuggy, Richmond Architect

3D Design – visualize it, understand it

3D modelling and design brings the precision and detail in our drawings to life so it is easier for you and your client to visualize the end result.

We then engage with the whole construction team to explain – in plain English – what needs to happen, when and why. Clear communication is vital to keep your project on track – and within budget.

Why use SSA Consulting Engineers?

It is our eye for clean modern design and astute commercial awareness that has resulted in a rich portfolio of projects including £multi million hotel developments and bespoke £m+ home building projects. We deliver the WOW vision, economically and practically.

Our technical knowledge and enthusiasm for outstanding design will see us bring new ideas to the table. As part of your team, we are always fast to respond and like to engage with everyone involved to ensure your project can meet its commitment date.

To enquire about how SSA consulting engineers in Twickenham can help your project, please call 020 8945 5297 or contact us and we’ll get straight back to you.