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Independent Expert Opinion for Property Owners

When you are investing in making changes to your property, concerns can often arise. And if you are not familiar with the construction world, then the whole ‘construction speak’ can be quite daunting.

Super Structure Associates (SSA) consulting engineers will give an independent opinion when:

  • There are issues around planning permission
  • You require guidance regarding the structural changes you are making
  • You are concerned about how a building project is taking shape in accordance to its original plans

How do we work?

Typically, our opinion is sought when property owners are planning a:

  • Property renovation
  • House extension
  • Loft or basement conversion

Our depth of technical experience and commercial acumen will quickly identify what is right, what is not right and recommend what you need to do.

Each detail will be explained in plain English – to give you clarity and help you understand clearly what is needed next.

This means that you can approach your project with better insights and feel more confident about the end result.

“If I hadn’t had the insight Derek from SSA provided, half the modifications may not have been picked up and rectified” Ray G, House extension, Richmond

Why seek an independent opinion?

You will most likely be spending a considerable sum of money on your project – therefore you want to know you are making the right decisions. Seeking an independent opinion will help you to pre-empt any queries and avoid any pitfalls.

Our thoroughness and easy to understand communication can also help to speed up processes.

“Derek from SSA made everything so much easier to understand. His input stopped us from making mistakes which gave us more confidence in the project. His report speeded up what could have been a lengthy process”. Chris J, Loft conversion and new layout for downstairs, Richmond

To enquire about expert independent opinion from SSA consulting engineers, please call 020 8945 5297 or contact us and we’ll get straight back to you.