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Construction structural engineering

Time is money

The cheapest way to build a project in construction is to get it right first time.

Super Structures Associates (SSA) consulting engineers have the depth of technical experience and commercial acumen to develop building designs that are structurally sound and financially viable.

How do we work?

Collaboration with your project team is key to keep your project on schedule and avoid costly delays. Through talking to the whole team – from mechanical to electrical – we will identify:

  • What is really important to the design
  • How the structure should look and feel for its purpose
  • The critical areas that could pose problems to the design
  • Areas where potential cost savings may be possible

Collaboration will assess more thoroughly what needs to be done and the best way to do it.

Using Derek Mason of SSA saves me more money than he costs. He has a commercial understanding of the best solution from a technical and commercial point of view
L Nicholls

Inspiring construction design at a practical cost

It is our technical prowess for modern design – creating maximum space with clean lines – and astute commercial acumen that results in saving clients’ time and money.

Assumptions are often challenged. In particular when looking at how to minimize the use of costlier materials such as concrete. Innovative techniques are explored along with technical analysis to produce the most economical and practical way to build your project.

3D Design – see it, visualize it, understand it

3D modeling and design brings the precision and detail in our drawings to life so it is easier for you to visualize the end result.

Clear communication is vital to keeping your project on track and within budget. We engage with the entire construction team to explain – in plain English – what needs to happen, when and why, so any potential problems are ironed out quickly.

Why use SSA Consulting Engineers?

It is our broad range of technical knowledge and astute commercial awareness that has resulted in a rich portfolio of £multi-million projects across a range of sectors- including education, leisure and residential. We deliver the big vision, economically and practically.

Our innovative approach to design will see us bring new ideas to the table. We are always fast to respond. As part of your team, we like to engage with everyone involved to ensure your project can meet its commitment date.

Proactive, helpful, practical and always responds quickly to find a solution
C Calnan

To enquire about how SSA consulting engineers can help your project, please call 020 8945 5297 or contact us and we’ll get straight back to you.