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How can you use a potentially polluting algae to build a solid home?

Sargassum is blooming. There’s a large amount of this brown seaweed growing between the coast of Africa and Brazil. While it’s at sea, this algae’s berry-like gas-filled bladders make it buoyant, and it floats on the surface, creating a natural habitat that benefits fish, sea turtles, marine birds and other wildlife. But once it washes […]

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How can reusing old tyres help to prevent irreparable fire damage in concrete buildings?

Earlier this year, demolition work on the Liverpool Waterfront Car Park was completed. The car park had to be pulled down due to the structural damage that occurred to the concrete and the steel reinforcement when a fire ripped through the building on New Year’s Eve 2017. (Luckily no-one was hurt in the blaze.) But […]

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How can we reuse and repurpose more buildings?

Are we doing enough? Here in the UK we reuse and repurpose buildings regularly. We certainly seem to be doing better than other nations such as the US in that respect, who are second only to the Asia-Pacific region in the construction waste they’ll create in the next five years. Comparatively, Europe is streets ahead. […]

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Can virtual reality knock a year off the timeline for sports venue construction projects?

For some, virtual reality still seems like a futuristic concept. It can be seen as innovative technology that is fun to use, but the commercial benefits are not always fully appreciated. However, virtual reality is already being used in construction, to massively cut the planning time in large projects. A good example of this is […]

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The challenge that inspired engineers to solve a major problem in the train stations of Europe’s biggest infrastructure project

What springs to mind when you hear the word Crossrail? If you’ve been following the news you might be thinking of £1.4 billion bailouts, long delays and issues with staff morale. But this is Europe’s biggest infrastructure project, increasing central London’s rail capacity by 10%. It will be the biggest increase since the Second World […]

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