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Saving lives and businesses: how do you prepare for a massive earthquake?

A massive earthquake is due to hit San Francisco. If it does hit – and the U.S. Geological Survey estimates there is a 72% chance of a 6.7 magnitude or greater earthquake hitting before 2043 – then tall buildings will be particularly vulnerable. Clearly this puts the safety of the city’s residents, workers, visitors and […]

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How top-down construction is speeding up work on Sydney’s tallest tower

Construction projects can be prone to delays. In commercial construction there is a tendency to assume that major deadlines might have to be pushed back. So it makes sense to look at how we can speed up the entire building process, without impacting on safety. Under construction right now, Crown Sydney will be the city’s […]

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Recycling Waste: From aeroplane wings to permeable pavements

What if you could reduce flooding by using a product made from waste materials? That’s the question that researchers at Washington State University are attempting to answer. Most paving slabs aren’t permeable, so rainwater simply sits on the surface and runs off them. If the drainage system can’t cope with the volume of rain, especially […]

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Are self-healing concrete buildings in our future?

We know that concrete deteriorates with age. Buildings, bridges, tunnels, dams and other concrete structures can be prone to cracking. The cracking might be due to shrinkage as the concrete dries, movement beneath the structure, or repeated freezing and thawing. Aside from these issues, the steel bars used to reinforce concrete can corrode over time. […]

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Blame the human race, or the weather?

As trees burn and droughts hit, climate change is already having an impact on the construction industry. We can’t predict the future. We don’t know how quickly CO2 levels in the atmosphere will rise. And it seems the increase in CO2 levels isn’t just down to human activity – we have some fascinating new insights […]

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Mushroom bricks and peanut partitions?

Would you want to live in a house insulated with mushroom bricks? Before you answer that, let me share a statistic with you… Did you know that the construction industry in the UK is responsible for 60 per cent of all raw materials consumed in this country? (That is according to estimates by WRAP.) Perhaps […]

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