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How do you tackle safe, sustainable construction – when you’re building on top of a railway tunnel?

Opposing views on Olympics-driven regeneration abound, but no-one can deny that the London 2012 Olympics site in Stratford has undergone an astonishing transformation. What was once a post-industrial mix of abandoned factories, wasteland and railway sidings has now become home to the largest new urban park built in Europe in the last 150 years – […]

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How can better design help us build more safely in flood zones?

We have seen a number of floods in recent years, with the media describing them as “unprecedented”. The implication is that these floods were unavoidable and homeowners have been unlucky. However, building practices in England mean that homes are often built in high-risk areas. According to The Environment Agency, a high-risk area is one that […]

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How Southampton is aiming to absorb pollution and boost people’s mood with an ultra-green urban roundabout

Living walls are appearing all over the place, especially in cities. They can be a positive addition, both indoors and outdoors, and they bring a number of benefits. As well as the striking visual appearance of the greenery, the plants absorb sound, are thought to remove pollutants from the air, and can help to improve […]

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How do you build a bridge between two cliffs, in two weeks flat, in challenging conditions?

(Picture Credit ©English Heritage) How do you construct a footbridge over a 58-metre drop, when it’s exposed to some exceptionally brutal weather? The answer is, you build it off-site, and use a cable crane to put the different elements of the bridge into place. That’s how engineers Ney & Partners handled the building of the new […]

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Living in the sky: How Jakartans built a suburb on top of a shopping centre

Back in August, we covered the growth of drone usage in construction. But as well as monitoring site progress and tracking quantities of materials, drones can also assist in discovering more unusual developments. A drone pilot on Twitter drew the world’s attention this summer when he tweeted a picture of a little known rooftop suburb […]

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How can we reuse and repurpose more buildings?

Are we doing enough? Here in the UK we reuse and repurpose buildings regularly. We certainly seem to be doing better than other nations such as the US in that respect, who are second only to the Asia-Pacific region in the construction waste they’ll create in the next five years. Comparatively, Europe is streets ahead. […]

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Can virtual reality knock a year off the timeline for sports venue construction projects?

For some, virtual reality still seems like a futuristic concept. It can be seen as innovative technology that is fun to use, but the commercial benefits are not always fully appreciated. However, virtual reality is already being used in construction, to massively cut the planning time in large projects. A good example of this is […]

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