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Why robots “taking our jobs” is a positive development for architecture, engineering and construction

Robots are taking our jobs! That’s often the headline we see in the mainstream press when journalists talk about artificial intelligence (AI). But the reality is that the process of using software and AI to speed up our working practices started several decades ago. It used to be that you created designs in 2D using […]

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5 ways you can use video to promote your business

Are you using video to promote your business? It’s something you could perhaps have got away with ignoring until the last couple of years, but now there is no denying that video can have a massive impact on your business. A survey* earlier this year generated some interesting stats: 95% of people have watched an […]

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Are you planning to win more clients this year?

Have you put in place plans and goals for 2018? Are you clear on what you want to achieve in your business? And have you thought about what your personal or family goals are? There are so many different books and articles about goal setting that it can feel overwhelming to decide which goal-setting framework […]

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Why write a book?

With my new book coming out this week, a few people have asked me what motivated me to write a book. Aside from the obvious reason to write a book – that is to share your knowledge – there are several reasons why I believe that most business owners would benefit from writing a book. […]

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