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How can keeping your customers in the loop help you win more work?

What happens when someone phones your office? Or when they make an enquiry through your website? Do they always get a response? If you can’t answer that last question with an emphatic, “Yes!” then it’s likely that you have let some potential clients slip through the net. However, I would say that “customer service” for […]

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What difference would an award make to your business?

Winning an award can give your business a boost. And this is a good time of year to start thinking about applying for awards, and doing a little research. If you don’t know where to look, there are two categories of award to start with: Local or regional business awards Relevant industry awards You can […]

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Why robots “taking our jobs” is a positive development for architecture, engineering and construction

Robots are taking our jobs! That’s often the headline we see in the mainstream press when journalists talk about artificial intelligence (AI). But the reality is that the process of using software and AI to speed up our working practices started several decades ago. It used to be that you created designs in 2D using […]

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5 ways you can use video to promote your business

Are you using video to promote your business? It’s something you could perhaps have got away with ignoring until the last couple of years, but now there is no denying that video can have a massive impact on your business. A survey* earlier this year generated some interesting stats: 95% of people have watched an […]

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