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How to grow your client base through networking

One of the biggest commitments you will make when it comes to running a business is the ongoing need to build relationships. With the kind of work we do, it is unusual for someone to book you for a project when they know nothing about you. With residential clients, they may have heard of you […]

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How to ignore the chaos and plan for a productive 2020

It might seem too early to start setting business goals for next year, especially at a time of such uncertainty in the UK. But as business owners it is important that we minimise the impact of political uncertainty as much as possible and stay focused on the things that we can control. And taking time […]

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How do we close the gender gap in engineering?

It is obvious to anyone who works in engineering or construction, that there is a major difference between the number of women working in the sector, and the number of men working there. The figures are stark. Women make up 47% of the UK workforce and yet only 12% of people working in engineering occupations […]

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What specific targets have you set for your business in 2019?

One of the Key Performance Indicators or KPIs this year for Super Structures Associates is to get one new Google Review each month. It doesn’t sound like much, but it’s a realistic figure and it has had a positive impact on the business surprisingly rapidly. You probably already know that when someone searches for your […]

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Are you protecting your business with due diligence checks?

Do you carry out due diligence on your potential clients before you take them on? I would guess that the answer to that question depends largely on whether you have been burned in the past. After a number of years of running my structural engineering business, Super Structures Associates, I’ve found that most of my […]

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How can keeping your customers in the loop help you win more work?

What happens when someone phones your office? Or when they make an enquiry through your website? Do they always get a response? If you can’t answer that last question with an emphatic, “Yes!” then it’s likely that you have let some potential clients slip through the net. However, I would say that “customer service” for […]

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